Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nick DiSalvo (Elder): PLAYLIST

The spirits are moving again and stars are falling. The unconditional break was mostly due to unwillingness of a truck to get out of the way. It intended to hit hard; so hard indeed that it almost succeeded to bury me six feet under. So with the excuse getting quickly out of the way, let's focus on some music.

Elder, young guns from Massachusetts, have been surfing on my radar for quite a time now. If I remember correctly, I came across Gemini, which is the first song off of Dead Roots Stirring, from the YouTube's suggestion column while blasting out Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats' Black Sabbath-ian influenced acid rock Blood Lust. Being more than impressed, I got hold of the whole album and since then Dead Roots Stirring took unreasonable amount of spinning. Simply the record kept growing on me. The heavy psychedelic gain perfectly intertwins with stoner rock which gives certain hypnotic power. Although the core of Elder is brilliant guitar display by Nick DiSalvo, the efforts of bassist Jack Donovan and drummer Matt Couto can not be overlooked. Collectively Elder takes you back to the vintage '70s era with incredibly glowing sounds. They further stretched the credibility on Spires Burn/ Rise 12" EP released on Armageddon Shop. Just a few days back, I got in touch with Nick DiSalvo and he compiled a list of 10 albums which are in constant rotation for a while and/or have been sonically influential. Enjoy and don't forget to catch Elder with Church of Misery on 24th May (for tickets/more info, visit here).

Windhand- S/T

Colour Haze- All

Dungen- Skit I Allt

35007- Phase V

Batillus- Furnace

Bo Hansson- Sagan Om Ringen

Earth Ride- Vampire Circus

Motorpsycho- Little Lucid Moments

Pallbearer- Sorrow and Extinction

Steely Dan- Countdown to Ecstacy

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  1. The dude likes lengthy songs, I dig it. Bo Hansson is an unreal listen.

    Church of Misery and Elder need to make it down to Toronto.