Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weapon's Vetis Monarch : ALBUMS IN HEAVY ROTATION

As many of you already know that at the end of last month, Weapon entered studio to record the third full length and Relapse debut Embers And Revelations with producer Terry Paholek scheduled for the Fall of 2012 release. In an official press statement, guitarist/ vocalist Vetis Monarch commented, "Weapon loyalists can expect no-holds barred, satanic death metal that the band displayed on it's previous work, but further refined and sharpened to ferocious perfection. Embers And Revelations will be the apex of malice via music." Around two weeks back, I had an opportunity of contacting Vetis Monarch and despite his busy schedule, he arranged some of his recent favourite albums for Grave Dig readers. Enjoy!

Lvcifyre- The Calling Depths

Hail of Bullets- On Divine Winds

Rudra- Brahmavidya: Immortal I

Origin- Entity

Loss- Despond

Nightbringer- Hierophany of the Open Grave

Absymal Dawn- Leveling The Plane of Existence

Mitochondrion- Parasignosis

Aosoth- III

Nader Sadek- In the Flesh

Weapon will be touring with Marduk, 1349 and Withered throughout the month of June. For more information, visit here.

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