Saturday, April 7, 2012


Many of you already know the internet riot thing that took place on Hellride Forum between Terry Jones and the bassist blaming each other for many things followed by cancellations of shows which naturally many thought because of the departure of  bassist but Terry later announced the original reason as his daughter had to undergo open heart surgery (hope all is good). Now it looks like things have finally been settled inside Pagan Altar camp and they added a new bassist to the line up. Recently Pagan Altar has released an exclusive preview of the upcoming album Never Quite Dead scheduled for Summer release.

Al Cisneros is indeed a busy man and it does not look like he's going to have a free time anytime sooner this year- Sleep's Dopesmoker reissue, tours and now his project OM is all set for the release of a new album on July 24 entitled Advaitic Songs which will be available as 2LP/ CD/ Digital Version. You can watch the teaser for the album below.

Do you remember that post about the longest stoner doom tracks where Bongripper snapped the first place? If you missed the list, visit here. Recently Bongripper has uploaded a new track Fisting (Unmastered) from an upcoming split on the Bandcamp Page which also will be played on April 14 at Roadburn Festival. Listen to the track below.

Preview of Never Quite Dead

Pagan Altar- Dance of the Vampires

Om- Advaitic Songs (teaser)

Bongripper- Fisting (Unmastered)

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