Wednesday, February 22, 2012

longest stoner doom tracks ever

Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke toward the riff- filled land
Proceeds the weedian, Nazareth (Sleep)

Did you ever get "locked" while laying back stoned to death? The time when you can't move any parts of your body and the only sense that's left in you embracing the music flowing inside your soul; this shouldn't be an uncommon phenomenon for stoner metal jammers. In the ever expanding evolution of musical genre, in stoner doom dispersed in early 90s, riffs got heavy and slow with thick underlying bass although this is a bold statement. It's funny when all those corporate guys try to define stoner genre(s) succeeding only jumbling the whole deal. The truth lies in the fact that devoted music listeners usually don't care much; as soon as a stoner track is on, we run for the bong. We want to enjoy the music as much as we can in every way possible stoned or normal (who doesn't want to listen to Electric Wizard being stoned?). Hallucigenic stuff.

In progressive form, there are lot more lengthy tracks than what we get to see in this category. Usually I don't care about the length of any song, it's quality above quantity after all. If you ask around, majority will come up with Sleep's Dopesmoker, that's it. With such a brilliantly crafted song and inspiration for many others, I've always wondered about the reason for not existing piles of quality songs touching such length in stoner doom history. Pioneer bands of the genre such as Electric Wizard and all have 10-15 minutes long songs but then again the solid theory is that if an artist can compress his intentions within 1 second then there's no reason for making the song any longer. This being said, I've always been fascinated by lengthier tracks and somehow when I see such long tracks, I end up listening to the whole thing. The lone purpose of this writing piece is to find out very long stoner doom tracks, so here is my quest: What are the longest stoner doom tracks ever?

I ventured out into the blogosphere and asked people whose opinions I really care. Below is the summary of the whole shot [ special thanks to Robin VO  ]

Nadja- Thaumogenesis

Asunder- Rite Of Finality

[ Other bands to check out: Ocean Chief, Mammatus, Moss, Pambagira, Ufomammut, Rorcal ]

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  1. Neal has sent a handful of longest tracks. Here is the list:

    Aquillonian - Symphonica de Levita
    ATB - The Local Fuzz
    Boris - Absolutego
    Boris with Merzbow - partynight
    Bongripper - The Great Barrier Reefer
    Cobalt - Ritual use of Fire (29:31)
    Corrupted - Paso Inferior
    Earth - Like Gold and Faceted
    Melvins - Joe
    Roanoke - Stormbringer
    Corrupted - Gekkou no Daichi
    Oxbow - Shine
    Tia Carrera - Saurn Missile Battery
    Moss - Gate III: Devils From The Outer Dark
    Sollubi - The Struggle
    Pig Destroyer - Natasha
    USX - The Valley Path
    Aldebaran - Buried Beneath Aeons