Monday, February 20, 2012

the force behind Black Chalice

Throughout the history of the occult, there are always references to Satan's Black Chalice, the yin to the Holy Grail's yang. At the time of the demo while I was writing more overtly Satanic lyrics and the rawer death metal, the name sort of fit. Now the lyrics are of a more personal bent, but the thought process is the same, hence the name remaining- Patrick A. Hasson

Black Chalice has been one of the talking points in the underground scene since the latest offering Submission surfaced where there is a transition in the sound from raw death metal demo Prayers For Our Lord and Savior through more doom/death approach in Years Of Flame. While still not shredding the roughness fully where Submission stands out on its own is that the songs burden more emotions stabbing into doom territory. There are more melodious sections accompanied by harmonic notes but not straying a bit from creating mournful atmosphere. The evolution was inevitable as the man behind Black Chalice, Patrick Hasson from Maine, has passion for both doom and death and the influence just found its way into the music. When I asked him about the inspirations behind Submission, he quoted, "Submission is as it says, a story about submitting. All the different meanings and inflections that can be used with it, whether it be positive or negative. The songs all represent an aspect of it."

Black Chalice - Regret by drain

Along with Black Chalice, Patrick runs several other musical projects. Here is what he described, " Auspicium was what started all this. The music evolved from almost DSBM to a more atmospheric black metal. I have flirted recently with some more post rock and ambient structures within songs, which has lead some to call it blackgaze, but I feel it is not. The new record I'm writing right now is pure atmospheric black metal. Avulse started as a way to excise the more harsh side out of Auspicium. Chaos for chaos' sake. The first demo was me paying tribute to Beherit and Von. After that, I remembered I was a fucking punk rocker and I wanted that to shine through, now I guess you could call it "punkened black metal". Field of Spears also born to excise a part out of Auspicium, the straight up neofolk tracks I wrote. "

Black Chalice download
Auspicium stream
Avulse bandcamp page

[ Thanks Patrick for your time ]

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