Monday, February 27, 2012

Proclamation's Nether Tombs Of Abaddon

In early 80s, Venom and Bathory set a legacy with albums like Black Metal and Bathory respectively although Venom's Welcome To Hell contained the transition hints that were on the cards with the infusion of occultism and blasphemy in music esp metal. One thing I always restrain myself from which is arguing about the starters of certain genre. So let's not get into that at all. The reason for mentioning Venom/ Bathory is that the exact trend they set is only followed by a few number of bands these days and Proclamation is one of them. Even Quorthon strayed away from all out black attack after Under The Sign Of The Black Mark. The point I want to make is that when there are so few bands around accomplishing the trend effectively, they need to be kept sacred. Where Proclamation's new offering stands out is in execution factor surpassing their previous effort and reaching to a new height.

Proclamation has put out an album which needs to be heard by a soldier stepping into battlefield with a sword and black flag in other hand; take the power of salvation and descend upon the spiritual forces in  heavenly places. Nether Tombs of Abaddon provides that shield of faith with which one can conquer and stand firm. It's fascinating how thirty minutes of pure blasphemy can bring such inspirations. One way or the other, the sense of righteousness has to come eventually. Let it be through the numbers entitled like Regurgitated Bibles or Christ Death Ceremony; who cares?

Through out  the entire length, Proclamation maintains the lo- fi production and sound quality although not totally degrading into early Venom/Bathory but enough to possess the cult underground sound. The substratal drumming roars the declaration of war with harsh and excruciating vocational. The grinding riffs with occassional shrieking solos are continuous diabolical assault reminiscent of Quorthon.The overall sound is a relentless execution of abhorrent battle giving rise to bestial eagerness and provoking unearthly aggression. The prolonged onslaught might not win your heart at first but once you lend your ears and mind into it, the sheer spiritual aptitude will grab you with its morbid power. Recommended.

Proclamation will embark on an European Tour starting from April with likes of Bestial Raids, Truppensturm and more. Get the dates here

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