Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Atriarch lacking in direction?

Atriarch's debut Forever The End was shockingly one of the best debuts or the best in last year. The atmosphere was so grim and hollow that it was like a ritual performance at the back of a churchyard where the priest had been buried. The sound was filthy yet enriched with a lot of emotions. But that came out on  Seventh Rule Recordings. Now Atriarch has decided to release a split album with Alaric on 20 Buck Spin which contains two songs by them, Oblivion and Offerings, to my knowledge.

In Feb 26th, Oblivion was released on 20 Buck Spin Youtube channel and after hearing the song, I got confused about the overall sound. I wasn't sure if this is the Atriarch from last year that we are dealing here or some emo death rock band. I double checked, triple checked and came to the conclusion that it is the Atriarch. I know death rock is one inspiration on Atriarch but after listening Forever The End for so many times, I thought tagging Atriarch as more blackened doom would be the most proper. I can't stretch the dirty and obscene sound on Forever The End more. I loved that sound. I can't help saying it. Ok, let's roll back to the latest release Oblivion now.

Many bands change their sound and it's very appropriate. But when that change dissolves into a mediocre sound, that's when the problem starts. Oblivion is still a good song for a couple of streams but it lacks character nevertheless. I know it's still too early to pass a judgement but I'm disappointed with the direction that Atriarch is taking. Where is that rotten sound of Atriarch that we are accustomed to? Atriarch might write hundereds of great death rock songs and be popular in no time and I don't have a problem with that either but the affection that I grew on Forever The End would remain buried forever then. The good news is they are working with Profound Lore for the next LP, hopefully we will see cruddy Atriarch again.

I might be totally wrong on the judgement or assumptions here. What do you guys think? Did you like the new song and Atriarch sound?

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