Friday, February 24, 2012

demos in heavy rotation

Occult SS- Tomorrow Belongs To Them
This demo contains four songs blended with blackened thrash riffs and d-beat. They have shown enough potential by marching forward with some authority in this demo. The track Heathen Blood stands out for me.

Occult SS myspace

Skinfather- Atheos
It's straight up headbanging stuff with "into the face" hardcore shit. Just remember not to totally crush your skull. I've no clue why the opening track starts off with Beatles Imagine which might or might not be intentional but anyways take a listen below.

Cerebrate- Soul's Abyss
Cerebrate throws some of swedish old school death hammering with sheer intensity. Cerebrate is a project by Ash Borer members and as always guitar skills are worth noting. As far as I know it's sold out but pro cassettes are in working order.

Lycus- Demo MMXI
This demo transcends into atmospheric funeral doom abyss and emotions depicted are so matured that sometimes it feels like they are putting out albums for years. The demo came out last year and remastered version is now available via The Flenser Records.

The Haunting Presence, Vattnet Viskar, Mutilation Rites, Bell Witch, Niantiel, Black Monolith, Grudges are all in heavy rotation from the last year.

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