Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obolus debut could have been much better

No doubt Obolus is a great outfit on atmospheric black metal horizon and things looked promising when their demo came out in 2011 although it contained two songs spanning over 7 minutes. But that's just a demo right so you can pass up certain things which you don't feel within it. Now there's a full length on offer and about time for propelling some thoughts forward.

The new album titled Lament contains five songs with over 19 minutes. I feel like each song goes to the end just when it gets a real momentum of building into something potential. Take the opening song Desolation, for example, powerful riff lines and blast beats get thrown right into your face after a rainy atmospheric intro, everything looks immense and the flow for the song is great but it just ends at a very wrong time. Same for Hatred or Grievance as a matter of fact although it spans over 6 minutes. The title track holds some acoustic pieces which are merely only creating mournful atmosphere at best but then again off it goes in a flash. So a definite hook is always missing from the album.

The cover is a terrible piece of art. These randomly depicted faces serve no purpose. The demo one was somewhat better though. 

Nevertheless within these short moments, Obolus has shown enough intent and raw screeching power for going some distance along with the record. The Flenser is currently giving it away free but for a limited time only. You would like to get your hands upon it and check out if you can get something out from this one. But for me, Lament is something which I'm going to listen for one time, awed by some sections and then move to other shit. 

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