Friday, February 17, 2012

a voyage with Megaton Leviathan's Water Wealth Hell On Earth

So what is space? I'm sure all those NASA nerds or Encyclopaedia is going to define it perfectly although you won't understand a word they are saying. Actual facts about this never ending volume of nothing are mind wobbling. The truth is that we won't ever get to the bottom of this hole with our confined brain size  no matter how big was Einstein's one. In fact we don't need to. Transcending soul inside space takes a bit of level of transformation power through the mind when one can actually be present without physically being there. That's when purest form of art comes forward. I'm not saying I did actually go through the experience but certainly I felt something similar while listening to Megaton Leviathan.

The buzzing sound of Megaton Leviathan inside a dark room gave me an eerie hollow feeling. It seemed like the earth was only suspending or more like floating in an undefined region; there was nothing up or below but the depth was infinite, I was rather feeling no gravity. The only time I came closer to these thoughts listening to Painkiller's Execution Ground but John Zorn's sax sounded like some sort of creature dancing which kept diverting me into some other experience. Maybe I'll write about those in another post but now let's get back to what I was saying. As the album rolled, those visions seemed more real and the mere thoughts of infinite space creeped me out but I couldn't stop. It's so fucked up yet astonishing, triggered my brain cells creating inexplainable concave imagery. A never ending black was devouring and pulling me along with it. And that's where the strength came from disintegrating my nerve piece by piece. The four songs were on auto repeat and the last A Slow Death In D Minor is a monstrous one marking 33 minutes. In my honest opinion Megaton Leviathan succeeded in what they tried to portray maybe not exactly the experience which I felt through out but they curved a vision inside me which is what important. Every artist should be able to do this and that's what exactly should define the term Music that is leaving behind scratches; haunting, melancholy or joyful doesn't matter. Look what it did to me, every now and then, I keep pushing the play button of Water Wealth Hell On Water before closing my eyes in thoughts of losing into eternity through darkness.

Talking about technical aspects only going to blunder it as the variance is so high. Let's just say Megaton Leviathan takes on psychedelic drone doom approach although this statement is seriously casual I must say. The production is dense with skillfull execution of noise and drone underlying vocals sound like another part of instrumentation along with thick riffing and drums blending in perfectly. So no more wait, it's about time,  embark on the journey with Megaton Leviathan, hailing from Portland, Oregon and let them float you away.

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