Tuesday, February 21, 2012

an in depth look at Vulgaari

Talking about originality is only valid for a semi good album where an artist might have tried to push a certain genre boundary to some extent but when the overall music is such enjoyable as Vulgaari, you would want to swallow it with every way possible.

So we have already learned about how good Vulgaari is and the almost perfect ability to blend doom / death/ stoner genre giving a whole array for the fans to look into something crisp for the future. Not that it wasn't tried out before but where Vulgaari stands out from the rest of the packs is mainly in the flow and texture of the songs. Let's get into the deeper of the album and variations within it.

As soon as the opener A World Created starts off, immediately you get hooked to the proceeding of classic doom death riff with Zack's demonic vocal. Speech like spoken words accompanied with guitar effect gives a psychedelic ending to the song followed by the next track Battlestag which changes from slow to mid tempo sludge riffs and the lead guitar just builds up what's in store. In Match and 77 74, we see more stoner side of Vulgaari, definitely Brent Hedtke deserves prop here for creating effects with lead notes and the tunes simply linger in the head for quite a bit. Black Mountain has got old era Sabbath like progression and then the monster Lie fades in which is the longest and best track in my opinion. The grooves of the riffs are worthy of headbanging to the wall and the flow is tremendous with crushing guitar tones. You might think Outride The Reaper as Electric Wizard worship at first but along those arpeggios layered in the lead with mid paced riffs, the track stands out on its own. Forever Roam is a doom death track with heavy low end riffs and the last track Dirt From The Grave is a perfect psychedelic finisher to this loathsome journey which leaves you craving for more.

I've been shuffling Vulgaari a lot and hoping Zack sets up a live line up and start touring soon because with such talents it will be a shame if Vulgaari tracks only remain within the confined space of listeners' music players.

Vulgaari bandcamp page

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