Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is Atriarch lacking in direction?

Atriarch's debut Forever The End was shockingly one of the best debuts or the best in last year. The atmosphere was so grim and hollow that it was like a ritual performance at the back of a churchyard where the priest had been buried. The sound was filthy yet enriched with a lot of emotions. But that came out on  Seventh Rule Recordings. Now Atriarch has decided to release a split album with Alaric on 20 Buck Spin which contains two songs by them, Oblivion and Offerings, to my knowledge.

In Feb 26th, Oblivion was released on 20 Buck Spin Youtube channel and after hearing the song, I got confused about the overall sound. I wasn't sure if this is the Atriarch from last year that we are dealing here or some emo death rock band. I double checked, triple checked and came to the conclusion that it is the Atriarch. I know death rock is one inspiration on Atriarch but after listening Forever The End for so many times, I thought tagging Atriarch as more blackened doom would be the most proper. I can't stretch the dirty and obscene sound on Forever The End more. I loved that sound. I can't help saying it. Ok, let's roll back to the latest release Oblivion now.

Many bands change their sound and it's very appropriate. But when that change dissolves into a mediocre sound, that's when the problem starts. Oblivion is still a good song for a couple of streams but it lacks character nevertheless. I know it's still too early to pass a judgement but I'm disappointed with the direction that Atriarch is taking. Where is that rotten sound of Atriarch that we are accustomed to? Atriarch might write hundereds of great death rock songs and be popular in no time and I don't have a problem with that either but the affection that I grew on Forever The End would remain buried forever then. The good news is they are working with Profound Lore for the next LP, hopefully we will see cruddy Atriarch again.

I might be totally wrong on the judgement or assumptions here. What do you guys think? Did you like the new song and Atriarch sound?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lots happening in Oshkosh in the coming months: Dead Weight Movie Premiere, Gilead Media Music Festival and more

Adam Lee Bartlett is a busy man indeed. Not only did he manage to establish an independent record label Gilead Media and consistently put out good records of bands whose music he gratifies heartfully but also now arranged one of the most astounding underground music shows : Gilead Media Music Festival. The show spans around two days featuring likes of Loss, Thou, Ash Borer, Fell Voices, False, Lycus and more. But that starts in the last week of April. In between Adam L. Bartlett along with fellow producer/ director John Pata under the moniker Head Trauma Productions will be premiering the latest effort Dead Weight, a low- cost thriller on big screen.

Dead Weight is a horror and suspense movie filmed last year which focuses on the lassitude yet fanatical journey of Charlie Russell, travelling through the wilderness in the wake of an apocalyptic viral outbreak to reunite with his girlfriend, Samantha, in Wausau. I watched the trailer last year and instantly got excited over the whole thing. So I started to keep track of the movie although there were limited updates posted on the web, nevertheless it was growing in stature. It's a sigh of relief that the movie is finally going to see the day of light although there was no doubt seeing the hard work and extreme dedication of the whole crew. On March 30 and 31st, public primiering will take place at Time Community Theatre, Oshkosh starting from 8 p.m.; the deluxe 2xDVD package will come out in April. The trailer for Dead Weight and some of the wicked performance by the bands featuring on Gilead Media Music Festival are posted below.

Dead Weight Trailer

[Update: Barghest has been recently added to the line up]

Loss @ Nashville

Thou covering Black Sabbath's Into the Void

Ash Borer full set @ Acheron
Dead Weight blog

Monday, February 27, 2012

Proclamation's Nether Tombs Of Abaddon

In early 80s, Venom and Bathory set a legacy with albums like Black Metal and Bathory respectively although Venom's Welcome To Hell contained the transition hints that were on the cards with the infusion of occultism and blasphemy in music esp metal. One thing I always restrain myself from which is arguing about the starters of certain genre. So let's not get into that at all. The reason for mentioning Venom/ Bathory is that the exact trend they set is only followed by a few number of bands these days and Proclamation is one of them. Even Quorthon strayed away from all out black attack after Under The Sign Of The Black Mark. The point I want to make is that when there are so few bands around accomplishing the trend effectively, they need to be kept sacred. Where Proclamation's new offering stands out is in execution factor surpassing their previous effort and reaching to a new height.

Proclamation has put out an album which needs to be heard by a soldier stepping into battlefield with a sword and black flag in other hand; take the power of salvation and descend upon the spiritual forces in  heavenly places. Nether Tombs of Abaddon provides that shield of faith with which one can conquer and stand firm. It's fascinating how thirty minutes of pure blasphemy can bring such inspirations. One way or the other, the sense of righteousness has to come eventually. Let it be through the numbers entitled like Regurgitated Bibles or Christ Death Ceremony; who cares?

Through out  the entire length, Proclamation maintains the lo- fi production and sound quality although not totally degrading into early Venom/Bathory but enough to possess the cult underground sound. The substratal drumming roars the declaration of war with harsh and excruciating vocational. The grinding riffs with occassional shrieking solos are continuous diabolical assault reminiscent of Quorthon.The overall sound is a relentless execution of abhorrent battle giving rise to bestial eagerness and provoking unearthly aggression. The prolonged onslaught might not win your heart at first but once you lend your ears and mind into it, the sheer spiritual aptitude will grab you with its morbid power. Recommended.

Proclamation will embark on an European Tour starting from April with likes of Bestial Raids, Truppensturm and more. Get the dates here

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Grave Dig Mixtape Vol I

Grave Dig marks the release of its first mixtape Vol I. Here is the tracklist:

1. Gyibaaw/ Mitochondrion- Rituals of Transcendence (1:48)
2. Celeste- De Sorte Que/ Jamais Un Instant Ne Soit Magique (13:00)
3. Hidden Track (2:39)
4. Swans- Ligeti's Breath/ Hilflos Kind (22:17)
5. Brainoil- Dark Eyes of My Past (3:51)
6. Thrones- Wage War (5:15)
7. Sol Invictus- Old Londinium Weeps (4:49)
8. Ruin Lust- Untitled III (4:38)
9. Ruin Lust- Untitled IV (5:17)


Total Playing Time- 1:03:27

Saturday, February 25, 2012

videos roundup: Autopsy, Deicide, Orange Goblin and more

ÅRABROT - SOLARANUS from Fysisk Format on Vimeo.

freedigger: Witchstone EP

Witchstone (another band with the word "Witch") falls into one of those classic stoner doom category infused with blues and psychedelic rock influences. This EP is not exactly original material but it's a lot of fun to listen. Witchstone is a relatively young band made up of three members who noted "Sabbath" as their influence (you know what you going to get). With the kind of sound they managed to produce on the EP, let's hope they come up with a lot more in near future. Download the EP for free from bandcamp page or listen to it below.

new Asphyx and Napalm Death streaming in full

Two albums, Napalm Death's Utilitarian and Asphyx's Deathhammer, which are streaming today regularly came up in discussion topics among the metal nerds. While some of 'em literally dismissed Napalm Death and I can't blame them as it was a let down for me too but Asphyx was received happily and created the general hype. I heard the title track Deathhammer before and it was crushing. Now after exploding the album in full, I need to restore the blood flow back in order. It's a sinister of an album molding 10 doom soaked death- blows straight out of the old dark valleys in Dutchland. Bathe in the glory of Asphyx at Decibel and if you have time, also check out Napalm Death's Utilitarian at its own store.

Both the albums will be coming out Feb 28.

Friday, February 24, 2012

demos in heavy rotation

Occult SS- Tomorrow Belongs To Them
This demo contains four songs blended with blackened thrash riffs and d-beat. They have shown enough potential by marching forward with some authority in this demo. The track Heathen Blood stands out for me.

Occult SS myspace

Skinfather- Atheos
It's straight up headbanging stuff with "into the face" hardcore shit. Just remember not to totally crush your skull. I've no clue why the opening track starts off with Beatles Imagine which might or might not be intentional but anyways take a listen below.

Cerebrate- Soul's Abyss
Cerebrate throws some of swedish old school death hammering with sheer intensity. Cerebrate is a project by Ash Borer members and as always guitar skills are worth noting. As far as I know it's sold out but pro cassettes are in working order.

Lycus- Demo MMXI
This demo transcends into atmospheric funeral doom abyss and emotions depicted are so matured that sometimes it feels like they are putting out albums for years. The demo came out last year and remastered version is now available via The Flenser Records.

The Haunting Presence, Vattnet Viskar, Mutilation Rites, Bell Witch, Niantiel, Black Monolith, Grudges are all in heavy rotation from the last year.

Scion A/V will be releasing new Melvins EP on March 13

I've just received the following e-mail from Scion A/V press contact:

Scion A/V has partnered with the Melvins for an EP titled Scion A/V Presents: The Bulls & The Bees,  a five-song collection that marks the band's first original material since their 2010 album The Bride Screamed Murder. The release will be available as a free download on Mar. 13 via Scion A/V's Facebook page with "The War On Wisdom" streaming this Friday on

The EP release will be followed by a 21-date U.S. trek that kicks off on Apr. 11 at The Blank Club in San Jose, Calif. and wraps up exactly a month later on May 11 at The Galaxy Concert Theatre in Santa Ana, Calif. Get the dates after jump.

it's official: Revenge's Scum.Collapse.Eradication "CD" is out

So after heavy witch crafting, bleeding, rumours (add anything you want), Revenge's Scum.Collapse.Eradication finally descends upon the dark of night. Samples after samples and even the mere talks were getting into the veins because of blood boiling anticipations. Sigh of relief.

CD release date : 20 February 2012
Order here.
[Osmose Productions for Europe]
LP/Pic Disc/TS/HSW coming in March-April 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

longest stoner doom tracks ever

Drop out of life with bong in hand
Follow the smoke toward the riff- filled land
Proceeds the weedian, Nazareth (Sleep)

Did you ever get "locked" while laying back stoned to death? The time when you can't move any parts of your body and the only sense that's left in you embracing the music flowing inside your soul; this shouldn't be an uncommon phenomenon for stoner metal jammers. In the ever expanding evolution of musical genre, in stoner doom dispersed in early 90s, riffs got heavy and slow with thick underlying bass although this is a bold statement. It's funny when all those corporate guys try to define stoner genre(s) succeeding only jumbling the whole deal. The truth lies in the fact that devoted music listeners usually don't care much; as soon as a stoner track is on, we run for the bong. We want to enjoy the music as much as we can in every way possible stoned or normal (who doesn't want to listen to Electric Wizard being stoned?). Hallucigenic stuff.

In progressive form, there are lot more lengthy tracks than what we get to see in this category. Usually I don't care about the length of any song, it's quality above quantity after all. If you ask around, majority will come up with Sleep's Dopesmoker, that's it. With such a brilliantly crafted song and inspiration for many others, I've always wondered about the reason for not existing piles of quality songs touching such length in stoner doom history. Pioneer bands of the genre such as Electric Wizard and all have 10-15 minutes long songs but then again the solid theory is that if an artist can compress his intentions within 1 second then there's no reason for making the song any longer. This being said, I've always been fascinated by lengthier tracks and somehow when I see such long tracks, I end up listening to the whole thing. The lone purpose of this writing piece is to find out very long stoner doom tracks, so here is my quest: What are the longest stoner doom tracks ever?

I ventured out into the blogosphere and asked people whose opinions I really care. Below is the summary of the whole shot [ special thanks to Robin VO  ]

Nadja- Thaumogenesis

Asunder- Rite Of Finality

[ Other bands to check out: Ocean Chief, Mammatus, Moss, Pambagira, Ufomammut, Rorcal ]

a ridiculously awesome studio update for Converge new album

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a tribute by Chelsea Wolfe

I'm not much into Chelsea Wolfe but here is a tribute by her to UK based Rudimentary Peni. It contains five ambient folk songs interpreted and performed by her. Pendu Sound is giving it away for free.

an in depth look at Vulgaari

Talking about originality is only valid for a semi good album where an artist might have tried to push a certain genre boundary to some extent but when the overall music is such enjoyable as Vulgaari, you would want to swallow it with every way possible.

So we have already learned about how good Vulgaari is and the almost perfect ability to blend doom / death/ stoner genre giving a whole array for the fans to look into something crisp for the future. Not that it wasn't tried out before but where Vulgaari stands out from the rest of the packs is mainly in the flow and texture of the songs. Let's get into the deeper of the album and variations within it.

As soon as the opener A World Created starts off, immediately you get hooked to the proceeding of classic doom death riff with Zack's demonic vocal. Speech like spoken words accompanied with guitar effect gives a psychedelic ending to the song followed by the next track Battlestag which changes from slow to mid tempo sludge riffs and the lead guitar just builds up what's in store. In Match and 77 74, we see more stoner side of Vulgaari, definitely Brent Hedtke deserves prop here for creating effects with lead notes and the tunes simply linger in the head for quite a bit. Black Mountain has got old era Sabbath like progression and then the monster Lie fades in which is the longest and best track in my opinion. The grooves of the riffs are worthy of headbanging to the wall and the flow is tremendous with crushing guitar tones. You might think Outride The Reaper as Electric Wizard worship at first but along those arpeggios layered in the lead with mid paced riffs, the track stands out on its own. Forever Roam is a doom death track with heavy low end riffs and the last track Dirt From The Grave is a perfect psychedelic finisher to this loathsome journey which leaves you craving for more.

I've been shuffling Vulgaari a lot and hoping Zack sets up a live line up and start touring soon because with such talents it will be a shame if Vulgaari tracks only remain within the confined space of listeners' music players.

Vulgaari bandcamp page

official trailer of Last Days Here documentary featuring Bobby Liebling of Pentagram

If you missed out Such Hawks Such Hounds documentary by any chance, watch it below. The documentary inquires into psychedelic stoner doom acts featuring Pentagram, Sleep, Kyuss, Sunn O))) and more. Wicked stuff.

Last Days Here comes out March 2.

Monday, February 20, 2012

the force behind Black Chalice

Throughout the history of the occult, there are always references to Satan's Black Chalice, the yin to the Holy Grail's yang. At the time of the demo while I was writing more overtly Satanic lyrics and the rawer death metal, the name sort of fit. Now the lyrics are of a more personal bent, but the thought process is the same, hence the name remaining- Patrick A. Hasson

Black Chalice has been one of the talking points in the underground scene since the latest offering Submission surfaced where there is a transition in the sound from raw death metal demo Prayers For Our Lord and Savior through more doom/death approach in Years Of Flame. While still not shredding the roughness fully where Submission stands out on its own is that the songs burden more emotions stabbing into doom territory. There are more melodious sections accompanied by harmonic notes but not straying a bit from creating mournful atmosphere. The evolution was inevitable as the man behind Black Chalice, Patrick Hasson from Maine, has passion for both doom and death and the influence just found its way into the music. When I asked him about the inspirations behind Submission, he quoted, "Submission is as it says, a story about submitting. All the different meanings and inflections that can be used with it, whether it be positive or negative. The songs all represent an aspect of it."

Black Chalice - Regret by drain

Along with Black Chalice, Patrick runs several other musical projects. Here is what he described, " Auspicium was what started all this. The music evolved from almost DSBM to a more atmospheric black metal. I have flirted recently with some more post rock and ambient structures within songs, which has lead some to call it blackgaze, but I feel it is not. The new record I'm writing right now is pure atmospheric black metal. Avulse started as a way to excise the more harsh side out of Auspicium. Chaos for chaos' sake. The first demo was me paying tribute to Beherit and Von. After that, I remembered I was a fucking punk rocker and I wanted that to shine through, now I guess you could call it "punkened black metal". Field of Spears also born to excise a part out of Auspicium, the straight up neofolk tracks I wrote. "

Black Chalice download
Auspicium stream
Avulse bandcamp page

[ Thanks Patrick for your time ]

jamming Revenge's Retaliation a lot

It's hard to find out exactly when Revenge's latest album Scum.Collapse.Eradication is coming out. Does anyone know?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rituals: an interview with G. COLSON and more

Rituals don't constantly sacrifice your goat's blood rather with intent and innovation. It's thought provoking, obscure and dark. With each moment, you would think inexorable rituals are taking place under shrouded moon. It's that gloomy.

Rituals, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, are a five piece transversing atmospheric sludge doom with elements of post metal. What we have here is showcasing talents. It's not that long that they started and already formed a fan base before even releasing their self titled album. The distorted sludge riffs, complementation of bass and drum along with the vocals drive a sense of despair and dreariness. The bleak melancholic notes shuffled with a lot of emotions adding depth to the overall flow of the album. After blasting out the album in total abberation I got in touch with guitarist G. Colson and asked him some questions regarding the band.

Why is the name Rituals? Is it to make obvious what listeners are going to expect?
It does in some ways give a person an idea doesn’t it? but our purpose was not really to give anyone an intent on what to expect, but rather a nod to how we all preform meaningful and meaningless “rituals” on daily basis hidden inside everything we do. Again, making a nod to all the mundane tendencies of all of our lives. Drawing a strong hard to face question within all of us  “does any of it really matter?”

Like Rituals, a lot more bands now injecting post- metal, heavy sludge thing into black metal; what's your take on it?
My take on it is, whatever feels expressive and true is art and that’s great! it is natural for artists and not uncommon to take and draw inspiration from many different areas of like-minded art and other mediums. We all have a ton of different influences and all come from different backgrounds but also have a lot of the same tastes and are all similar is some ways. Everyone in Rituals draws their own personal inspiration from different areas and inevitably, a lot of it will get drawn into what we are creating. What you hear in our songs is a very “organic” experience for us, because we all usually write the songs together in the same room, feeding off each other.

Is it intentional or just comes up in the writing process?
Again, everything just comes up on the spot as we write, We really don’t do any predetermination of what we want something to sound like.

What inspired Rituals?
Just the things that we do and come to encounter in our everyday lives. All the pain, stress, hopelessness and constant barrage of mass media, and lies fed to us everyday. I'd like to think the heaviness of our music
in some way represents the weight of the world crushing all of our backs.

What are you listening to these days?
Me personally, I have been spinning Loss – “despond” quite a bit, Moss, Ahab, Thou, Mournful Congregation, Pallbearer, 40 watt sun, and I could go on, and on...

Are you guys touring heavily?
Not at the moment, but have intentions to do some in the US/GERMANY hopefully at some point.

Your Glow in the dark vinyl versions were sold out within 24 hours, any thoughts on that? Did you guys expect it?
We are so thankful to everyone for showing us all of their support. As far as expect it? I can tell you none of us ever expected to ever even have anyone care about us as much as they do now, so all of this is so unexpected and so appreciated no word I could write would be able to properly explain gratitude we feel.
The fact that perfect strangers are connecting with our music in anyway, humbles us beyond belief.

Rituals album stream/download
Rituals facebook page
Rituals official blog
Replenish Records
Doomrock Store
G. Colson's blog

[ Rituals are B. Garrabrants on vocals, G.Colson and B.Wissman on guitars, J.Regan on bass and A.Rich on drums ]

Saturday, February 18, 2012

favourite one

For all the other artworks regarding Locrian/Mamiffer collaboration album Bless Them That Curse You, visit Cvlt Nation.


freedigger: Vulgaari's S/T

[ edit: description pulled out due to some issues ]

Friday, February 17, 2012

a voyage with Megaton Leviathan's Water Wealth Hell On Earth

So what is space? I'm sure all those NASA nerds or Encyclopaedia is going to define it perfectly although you won't understand a word they are saying. Actual facts about this never ending volume of nothing are mind wobbling. The truth is that we won't ever get to the bottom of this hole with our confined brain size  no matter how big was Einstein's one. In fact we don't need to. Transcending soul inside space takes a bit of level of transformation power through the mind when one can actually be present without physically being there. That's when purest form of art comes forward. I'm not saying I did actually go through the experience but certainly I felt something similar while listening to Megaton Leviathan.

The buzzing sound of Megaton Leviathan inside a dark room gave me an eerie hollow feeling. It seemed like the earth was only suspending or more like floating in an undefined region; there was nothing up or below but the depth was infinite, I was rather feeling no gravity. The only time I came closer to these thoughts listening to Painkiller's Execution Ground but John Zorn's sax sounded like some sort of creature dancing which kept diverting me into some other experience. Maybe I'll write about those in another post but now let's get back to what I was saying. As the album rolled, those visions seemed more real and the mere thoughts of infinite space creeped me out but I couldn't stop. It's so fucked up yet astonishing, triggered my brain cells creating inexplainable concave imagery. A never ending black was devouring and pulling me along with it. And that's where the strength came from disintegrating my nerve piece by piece. The four songs were on auto repeat and the last A Slow Death In D Minor is a monstrous one marking 33 minutes. In my honest opinion Megaton Leviathan succeeded in what they tried to portray maybe not exactly the experience which I felt through out but they curved a vision inside me which is what important. Every artist should be able to do this and that's what exactly should define the term Music that is leaving behind scratches; haunting, melancholy or joyful doesn't matter. Look what it did to me, every now and then, I keep pushing the play button of Water Wealth Hell On Water before closing my eyes in thoughts of losing into eternity through darkness.

Talking about technical aspects only going to blunder it as the variance is so high. Let's just say Megaton Leviathan takes on psychedelic drone doom approach although this statement is seriously casual I must say. The production is dense with skillfull execution of noise and drone underlying vocals sound like another part of instrumentation along with thick riffing and drums blending in perfectly. So no more wait, it's about time,  embark on the journey with Megaton Leviathan, hailing from Portland, Oregon and let them float you away.

Asphyx brings on Deathhammer

Heard the title track Deathhammer before right? Now there is a video too. It's a performance video and I dare say it's a typical one but much better oriented; angry faces, close up shots on vocalist, speedy fingers moving on fretboard, drummer hammering the shit out of drums. The real deal for the video is the song itself though. The video just flows with the grooves and speed of this crushing song. Positive reviews are weighing in and the anticipation for the album is now huge but we got to wait till Feb 28 when it comes out via Century Media.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

stream Monarch's Omen, also a new Conan track

After a couple of streams, it looks like Monarch has improved over their last recording Sabbat Noir. Dark Castle drummer Rob Shaffer joined the band adding flexibility over percussions and funeral paced drumming along with slow and dense low end riffs picking up pace often. The vocals are nerve tormenting mostly with the exception of some sections in the last track Black Becomes The Sun where harsh screams are accompanied with melodious singing. Full LP is streaming over Brooklyn Vegan which comes out Feb 28 via At A Loss Recordings.

Also check out a new song Hawk As Weapon by the UK doombringer Conan from their upcoming album Monnos.

ex- Decapitated vocalist Covan's current health status

It's been over four years since Decapitated were hit by a tragic accident leaving Vitek dead and Covan in coma. Recently a Polish Channel aired about Conan's current health conditions and signs are there of his slow recovery. In order to help with his on going treatment costs, visit

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

stream Pallbearer's Sorrow And Extinction

Props to THKD for bringing Pallbearer under my attention with an excellent review for the upcoming debut Sorrow And Extinction. Currently npr is streaming the full album including five songs which I played over and over again the whole night; it's that good. Brett Campbell's vocal is still ringing in my ears along with those absorbing and dense Warning alike riff lines. If you haven't already listened to these traditional doom bastards, do yourself a favour, head right over npr and stream the whole thing.

The album comes out February 21 on Profound Lore and after I get a copy, rest assured it's going to be in heavy rotation throughout the year.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

lots happening in Swans camp

God damn those 1000 people who were actually able to lay their hands upon Swan's latest We Rose From Your Bed With The Sun In Our Heads, a 2x LP comprising of live sets and also some demo versions from their upcoming LP The Seer, made available on Young God Records website (every purchase added to the expense of the Seer). I was too late to join the party. After the jump, words from Michael Gira and live performance of three tracks from the upcoming album.

Obolus debut could have been much better

No doubt Obolus is a great outfit on atmospheric black metal horizon and things looked promising when their demo came out in 2011 although it contained two songs spanning over 7 minutes. But that's just a demo right so you can pass up certain things which you don't feel within it. Now there's a full length on offer and about time for propelling some thoughts forward.

The new album titled Lament contains five songs with over 19 minutes. I feel like each song goes to the end just when it gets a real momentum of building into something potential. Take the opening song Desolation, for example, powerful riff lines and blast beats get thrown right into your face after a rainy atmospheric intro, everything looks immense and the flow for the song is great but it just ends at a very wrong time. Same for Hatred or Grievance as a matter of fact although it spans over 6 minutes. The title track holds some acoustic pieces which are merely only creating mournful atmosphere at best but then again off it goes in a flash. So a definite hook is always missing from the album.

The cover is a terrible piece of art. These randomly depicted faces serve no purpose. The demo one was somewhat better though. 

Nevertheless within these short moments, Obolus has shown enough intent and raw screeching power for going some distance along with the record. The Flenser is currently giving it away free but for a limited time only. You would like to get your hands upon it and check out if you can get something out from this one. But for me, Lament is something which I'm going to listen for one time, awed by some sections and then move to other shit. 

a song for valentine's day

This song is called Carry Me Home which is an acoustic version performed by Patrick Walker. Originally it appeared on 40 Watt Sun's The Inside Room. The whole lyric touches heart and carries emotions in depth. It's just beautiful. Some quotes from the song-
And what would I not say| To be in that room again| If only for one moment| That you would hold me In your tiny hand, and I might say| Tomorrow I could find you, and you might take| Something that I thought I could never give away| If just to think I've something more to show
And as I touch the sky| I feel the space I've left behind| So carry me back home

Monday, February 13, 2012

freedigger: Verwustung's I First Saw You On That Stormy Night And Couldn't Shake An Overwhelming Feeling Of Sadness

A record like Verwustung's I First Saw.. needs certain moments when you can just sit down and get devoured by its epicness. I've been listening to it for quite sometime now and it's growing and growing with each spin. A great step to black, drone doom metal with elements of dark ambience and post rock taking the album to a whole different level. Take a listen below or download the entire album for free from the bandcamp page.

Scion A/V Radio Dooooom! and KMBT monthly highlights

Radio Dooooom! hosted by Adam Shore airing a fascinating Immolation interview along with songs from their brand new EP Providence, LP Majesty and Decay and some unreleased tracks. Also accompanying new Locrian/Mammifer, Ulcerate, The Atlas Moth tracks and much more.

KMBT hosted by Scott Kelly excavates deeper into psychedelic stuff and noise with Guru, Locrian, Earth, Zoroaster and three tracks from Killing Joke's first album. These on going projects on Scion A/V transcending into better and better! Stream as appropriate.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

stream Earth's Angel Of Darkness, Demons Of Light II

I was streaming this the other night when I went to bed after a long day and just those thoughts of how far Earth has evolved were good enough to keep my brain cells alive let alone the music itself. It's the extension of 2011's Darkness, Demons Of Light I and alike filled with drone and folk inspired instruments. The album is coming out on February 14 but till then don't miss your chance of streaming it full on Pitchfork.

let Dodecahedron give you no respite

Dodecahedron is something in the middle ranging from Deathspell Omega and Blood From North. Definitely not kidding. You need to seriously check this self- titled shit which is a new project from Exivious guitarist Michel Nienhuis released last January. It's relentless and into the face, lots of innovation going around the record. Check it out below.

DODECAHEDRON - 'Dodecahedron' Debut Album by ddchdrn