Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Dinner #1

Let's have some grilled & smoked chicken with sour creamy mashed potatoes, fresh green salad and garlic rice. Grab a beer and enjoy these crappy videos!

Many of you already know the collaboration between Mikael Akerfeldt and Steven Wilson for a new project Storm Corrosion. The self titled album is set to be released on May 7 on Roadrunner Records. But before that a new video for the song Drag Ropes has been released which is amazing in every way imaginable. Forget about the song. The video is so epic that I keep rewinding over and over again. The clip was directed by Jess Cope who did a brilliant job on the art of puppet moving animation. Don't miss it at any cost!

Do you remember about that Pantera track which surfaced at the mid of last year? It was explained that the track was a result of a fun jam between Dimebag, Phil and Sean Yseult. Again few days back, a lost track Piss evolved from The Vulgar Display of Power sessions which has got a video now. You can watch it below along with a solo Dimebag track which is basically a promotion for a new Dimebag Skateboard.

Danish black horror metal horde Denial of God will be releasing their 2nd full length album entitled Death And The Beyond on Friday, July 13th via Hells Headbangers Records. They have released a promo video for the track Black Dethe which features scenes from the movie Nosferatu(?)

Enjoy three new performance-videos of Emptiness, Decapitated and Black Breath below!

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