Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hellvetron draft

The duo, X.S. and Alal'Xhaasztur, of Hellvetron who are also the members of Nyogthaeblisz which is a band noted for controversial contents over the years. But the people who ripped them off purely on the basis of their anti- semitic and chaotic lyrical possession and mere a thought given on the musical creativity and innovation. Generally Black metal has never been free off stirring up controversies among the media and definite group of people which led to banning bands in certain venues and also countries which is a haphazard and unnecessary prospect. It looks like these things do not affect X.S./A.X. as they continue to expand. Nyogthaeblisz has a split coming up with GoatPenis and under the other project Hellvetron, they have unleashed a new album Death Scroll of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties which explores into a different kind of territory of black/death metal shredding off those controversial constitution to some extent. 

Full review coming soon.

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