Wednesday, April 4, 2012

let's take a look at some EPIC Black Metal videos

The Black Satans- The Satan of Hell
Nothing can't be more interesting than some black metal going hand in hand with snow fight. Extreme cold or anything like that does not affect these dudes, they like to play when shit is RITE and white. The main guy does not care whether he looks like Mikael Akerfeldt or not, he is in the hunt. When you are in frustration and depressed, don't cut up, just beat the hell out of a tree. Pause at around 2:44 when snowballs get thrown at you or else you might have to run for shelter.

Trollech- Ve Stinu Starych Dubu
Long gone those times of playing guitars on stage. It's more sexier over water. You have to play the power chords in such a style that at first people think it's Metallica but then throw some Iron Maiden leads just to create more confusion. Finally add the vocals and show your corpse paint in full. Hug the trees like you are leaving someone eternally and cover yourself with leaves for more sympathy. Pretend you are dead and buried with the best guitar in the world Apollo.

Dark Kirchensteuer- Leb Doch Selber
Hanging from a tree is the best METAL method of suiciding. You might jump off a cliff but that wouldn't help your cause. DK shows you how to cross the street everytime without having the fear of getting run- over. Play an acoustic guitar like it's electric guitar- sounds better. Finish it off with the kind of tapping that even Michael Romeo would have been proud of. Finally introduce your celebrity drummer who got thousands of fans in myspace and the camera crews who are known for the visual effects in Avatar.

Ancient- Lilith's Embrace
Who said MTV does not air black metal videos? Join the forces with blue angel. Don't walk around the forest half naked; kneel down and beg for some clothes.

Immortal- Call of The Wintermoon
The infamous Immortal video!

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