Friday, March 23, 2012

Deathronation's Exorchrism

Deathronation's Exorchrism, released in the year 2011, may or may not be a full length as it contains songs gathered from what Deathronation had written in the period from 2004 to 2010 and one song known to be composed for Embodied Grief (a band of guitarist and vocalist Stiff Old) back in 2001. Exorchrism follows 2006's demo "A Soil Forsaken..." and despite being promising there was room for improvement on the earlier demo. The band took some time to release their next offering and what a great punch they managed to throw forward! This is old school death metal done with a great intensity. Last year I wasn't aware of the fact that they released this one; just a week ago I got hold of Exorchrism and since then it has been on the heavy rotation playlist.

With the album progression you would notice that they are not breaking any sort of boundaries or something but surely they have found a sound which literally stimulates everything in its wake. The production is rugged up to the point perfectly giving an aura of filthiness. The riffs are like the buzzing sound of a chainsaw with the gain turned up; listen to the track One Once Forgotten. The vocals are drilled through enough magnitude with the pursuit of bass playing under the lines of variable drumming. Most of the songs are around 5 minute mark and the monster Scorn Dominion hits around 8 minute mark making the whole thing to clock over 28 minutes long.  It's very clear that the band is heavily inspired by Death, old Florida scene, Immolation but throughout the entire length they managed to keep the tension with some sort of dignity by which you can't say that they are one of those copycats. All the signs on this effort, as a whole, positively indicates the band's potential to come up with further great materials when they get set for a proper album release as said earlier that Exorchrism contains collective songs.

I'm not entirely sure about the reasons for taking forever to release Exorchrism; maybe the members were busy with other projects but certainly we don't want to see another long gap. Although you can't argue much if they keep continuing the trend of coming up with greater songs. Deathronation needs more exposure atleast from the German underground base if not from all over the world and also I do feel like the band members need to make the band as their top priority now. Once in the limelight, Deathronation will be unstoppable.

Deathronation's Exorchrism came out last year on Dead Master's Beat/GodEater Records.

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