Sunday, March 25, 2012

freedigger #5: Skull Demo

Welcome to Freedigger Edition where we focus on a particular band which officially gives the entire album for free! But don't take things for granted, if you like an album, please buy it and support the artist.

So this Norwegian band Skull has been slowly gaining the attention of the vicious underground circle and there is no denying the fact that they deserve it. In the recently released self titled demo, Skull offers grinding death/crust with a  fury of pummeling riffs good enough to get you headbanging for the whole length. Atleast I can't stop listening (+headbanging) to it. The amount of talent which these guys possess can't be described in words really. Other than Skull, they run several other projects- Katechon (blackened crust) is another one worth of mentioning here too. Coming back to Skull, the production on this demo is the best thing that Skull managed to pull off. It has that cutting edge factor which's very soothing to the ears and sharpening at the same time. I'm going to go ahead and claim that this demo is the early contender for being one of the best demos in this year; I'm pretty much sure you can't argue about it much after listening to it. Download the whole thing on Skull's bandcamp page for free or else you can also order the cassette form on Prostata Records.

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