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exclusive: Blood Red Water unleashes a PLAYLIST of 10 songs to get stoned to

Blood Red Water is a sludge metal band who released the EP Tales Of Addiction and Despair in the first week of January. Sooner the blogosphere grabbed this 5 track EP (available for free download) with open arms and the band received some positive reviews (see here or here). Upon my request, now the band has picked 10 songs off of 10 bands which inspired them in one way or other. And in the process, a playlist surfaced which you would want to jam in a saturday night with bong in hand!


By: Blood Red Water

Tales of Addiction and Despair EP collects 5 songs written in the first period of Blood Red Water. Our music started in the summer of 2010 in a  practice room located in a disused industrial port area near Venice. It’s a really sludge and sick place and surely has influenced our sound.

Right from the start we’ve tried to create and innovate/solidify our own style but our notes are obviously  influenced by the bands we appreciate.  It’s a right thing if this is blended with BRW at 100%. We feel free to make the music we like, sometimes it’s more into doomy stuff, sometimes it’s more sludgy, it comes naturally and we never  follow a set pattern. Tales of Addiction themes are about the sickness, the filthy and the revenge represented by a lighthouse in a stormy sea. This is what the music do for us: a lighthouse. Lyrics are pretty personal and we spoke about our lives, far away from fantasy themes.

So, here you can find 10 songs, 10 drops with no contraindication, 10 bands we love. Everyone of us has his own taste in music but this playlist is about Blood Red Water in its entirety. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Blood Red Water Playlist:

EyeHateGod - Blank

Best sludge band ever! It is enough just to say this. Take As Needed For Pain album shows EHG at their best. Monumental feedback intros, harsh voice and an incredible groovin’ sound with some slowing down riffs that tear you up. Without a shadow of a doubt they are still a great reference point for us. For the sick!

Electric Wizard - Satanic Rites of Dragula

Many doom bands were influenced by English bands and Electric Wizard with their lysergic sound leading to paroxysm (played with vintage audio equipment) is freakin out!  Maybe Dopethrone is their best album but we’ve selected a song off Witchcult Today with an amazing beginning. Purest England Dope Doom.

St. Vitus - Dying Inside

A legendary band. A legendary song. Lyrics is soaked by dillusioment and hopeless feelings . If  we ever made a cover version, it would be this song. (But we won’t do it!)

Queens of the Stone Age - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

Blood Red Water has a nibble for good stoner music. This song is catchy with a controversial lyrics we totally love it. You can figure a car at full speed in the summer…

Melvins – The Talking Horse

What can we say about this band? Melvins are the versatile pioneers of slow tempos and they have an influence on our riff maker. It's no surprise that we’ve chosen this song cos our guitar player Volt is mad for the video!

Kyuss - Thong Song

It's pretty difficult to choose a song off a Kyuss album. An incredible band, 4 different minds, 4 timeless albums. This song blows us away nowadays too, so enjoy the sound of desert!

Nirvana – Big Long Now

We all love 90’s. Especially the music of that period.  From Pantera to Mad Season, it has been an outstanding decade. This is a drunk lullaby with a dull shattered voice.

Joy Division - 24 Hours

A speechless beautiful fall into the abyss. Obscured.  In their short life, Joy Divison have written a lot of good music. We don’t like happy music as you have gathered!

My Dying Bride - The Songless Bird

Again, our dark, slow gloomy side. Turn Loose The Swans is a melancholic  masterpiece. Volt describes My Dying Bride as simple guitar riffs with impact, mellow obsessive rhythms with abrupt changes that chop you off. Figure a hunter during a shooting.

 The Wounded Kings - The Cult of Souls

Thankfully the doom scene all over world is alive (and hostile), there are a lot of many many bands… The Wounded Kings  are one of these. They are  absolutely visionary and apocalyptic.  It’s a sure sign that The Cult of Souls is a great doom song.

Blood Red Water bandcamp page
Blood Red Water facebook page

Blood Red Water are Michele, Fiorica, Volt and Lorenzo (in EP Tales Of Addiction And Despair)

Special thanks to Michele and the band for this collective piece.

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