Wednesday, March 7, 2012

evil premiere: Saló's debut EP

Brooklyn's own Saló are hitting the streets hard. And what an occassion to do so! They have just released their debut EP Mangia Merda E Morte! which is a powerful combination of black metal with heavy distortion and doom. When asked about influences, Andrew Hurtado replied that there are tons of things from which Saló draw inspirations- starting from LLN, Deathspell Omega, Bathory to 80s anarcho- punk like Amebix, Axegrinder to funeral doom such as Worship, Mournful Congregation etc- and these are evident on the music they created bursting out with purpose and intent. The name Saló was motivated by Pasolini's masterpiece- Saló: 120 Days Of Sodom (adaption of Marquis De Sade's Novel). Their lyrical contents rely heavily on misanthropic and apocalyptic topics. Take a listen below and visit here for ordering (limited cassettes left from first edition of pressing).

Saló are currently on a string of live shows. In March 9th, they will open for Hate Eternal at St Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (1120 Manhattan Ave.). If you are somewhere nearby, make sure you attend the show! Other show dates are:

March 18- St Vitus Bar with Recreant, Scowl and Brickeater.
March 19- Lit. Lounge with Vattnet Viskar, B.C. and 1TBA

[ Saló are Andrew, Cedric, Eston, Ethan and Frankie]

Saló official blog
Saló bandcamp page

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