Wednesday, March 14, 2012

freedigger: Wilds Forlorn's We, The Damned

Welcome to Freedigger Edition where we focus on a particular band which officially gives the entire album for free! But don't take things for granted, if you like an album, please buy it and support the artist (see here, here or here for previous editions).

I've been really lazy on this particular section lately but let's get things started. As many of you know that one man act Wilds Forlorn is not entirely new as Yeri Theuns started his somber journey around 2008 and since then he managed to put out two full lengths and two EPs to my knowledge. His earlier works consisted of piano but soon evolved into black metal along with orchestral /neoclassical arrangements. The lastest offering We, The Damned came out this year in early January as a free downloadable version and the album will be re released by Obscure Abhorrence Productions soon. We, The Damned perfectly follows the promising 2010's full length album The Great Loss and EP Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes. It offers bleak and melancholic black metal with atmospheric arrangements of orchestral and piano works. Yeri Theuns vocal doesn't only deliver soul crushing black metal dissonance but also leaves marks on listener's mind. The extortionate guitar tones (note: check out the solo on Traces performed by a guest musician), melodic tremolo riffing are layered with blast beats on the drums which often changes into mid paced and slow paced passages. It's not your average black metal release; once absorbing it fully, you will feel the difference. Wilds Forlorn's bandcamp page is currently offering free downloads (note: lyrics are also included) but the page is limited to 200 downloads per month. Therefore a mediafire download is also offered on the bandcamp page. Also don't forgot to download earlier albums which are also available as free downloads.

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