Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ufomammut's Oro Recording Sessions

Ok I'm really not a fan of studio teaser, studio update, album preview or anything of this sort unless it is detailed and to the point. Surely one can argue that it's a good way of letting people know that something is coming up and after all it's a digital multimedia world. You got to ask: what's the real intent or purpose behind the whole idea? Anyways I try to avoid as many studio updates as I can but this Ufomammut's Oro recording sessions' video (may or may not be official release) is a killer. The video is bizarre, strange and unusual; just like what you would expect from Ufomammut. You can watch it above.

Ufomammut's Oro- Opus Primum is the first installment of the two series which will come out April 9th in UK, April 13th in Europe and April 17th in North America. The other album entitled Oro- Opus Alter will be released sometime in September. For the album cover art and more info, visit here.

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