Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wormridden (Anatomia + Undergang) Demo in the works

Wormridden created by the members of Anatomia (Japanese death/doom band who are preparing a new album entitled Decaying In Obscurity soon to be released on Nuclear War Now! Productions; listen to Cadaveric Dissection here) and Undergang (Danish filthy death bringers who already set underground on fire by the release of Til Doden Os Skiller this year) are all set for a demo release on Extremely Rotten Records. The tape entitled Infesting The Grave has been sent for pressing and hopefully it will be released soon. So far the band has released a killer track Infested By Worms which you can listen below or from the bandcamp page. It's distorted, loathsome and raw as the band perfectly described : Slowly decomposing Death metal rising from the graves of Tokyo and Kill- Town.

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