Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mutant Supremacy's Rotting Season EP

If you are familiar with Mutant Supremacy's debut LP Infinite Suffering then you already know what to expect- rotting death metal- the kind when maggots pierce your brain and eat your membranes. Mutant Supremacy's new offering Rotting Season EP is full of filth and vomituous elements. Don't drift by the fact that it contains only four songs because these four songs are enough to bring down the hammer and crush your skull. The band plays some serious old school death metal in the vein of early Morbid Angel or Bolt Thrower to some extent. The fact that Brooklyn swarms with metal bands, it's really tough to hold ground still but Mutant Supremacy have their own set of legacy and this new EP is just another step to claim that they belong here.

The blistering riffs and catchy grooves along with pulverizing drum beats are the highlights of this EP. The vocals are scorching and mixed low somewhat not taking away the brutal effect by any stretch of imagination. The jumbled solos help in keeping the tempos up and interesting. The flow to the whole EP is well balanced and the mid and fast paced passages interconnect each other very well. Instantly the good musicianship is recognizable. The album cover superbly depicts what's in store; just take a look and you can get the picture- that indicates what Rotting Season EP is all about.

The bad news is that Blast Beat Mailmurders have released only 300 hand numbered copies which may or may not be available by now. But don't worry, you can stream the whole thing over Cvlt Nation; I'm not sure whether you are going to be fully satisfied by streaming only. Look forward to the second pressing if you are out of luck. It's a definite must have for extreme metal fans and deserves to be in the top year end lists- I know it's a little bit too early to talk about those (or anyway I don't care much about the lists) but just emphasizing the fact that this record owns.

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