Saturday, March 17, 2012

weekly round up: Sleep, Melvins, Noothgrush, Power Trip and much more

JBI_XVI, the guy over b9 forum with awesome music taste posted some days ago that when he finally managed a safe deal for Sleep's Dopesmoker and while it was on its way, the news broke through that Southern Lord will be reissuing Dopesmoker. That pretty much sums up the whole re issues, re re issues for the album over the years. But the good news is Southern Lord will be releasing the "original" Dopesmoker this time as the band intended for release first time. Below is the official statement:

For the 2012 reissue, there are some very notable changes. The original studio tapes have been remastered presenting the album as the band had originally intended. The audio is clearer, louder, and at last brings a true representation of Sleep's hour-plus Weedian chronicle. Exclusive to this Southern Lord edition is brand new artwork by long time Sleep artist Arik Roper, to be unveiled in the coming weeks. Additionally, this reborn version of Dopesmoker boasts an unreleased live recording of one of the band's best all-time performances: "Holy Mountain" from San Francisco's I-Beam in 1994. 

As stated before, Melvins have released a new EP The Bulls&The Bees through Scion A/V for free download. For the occassion, they released a video for the track The War On Wisdom which you can watch below. Melvins will be releasing another LP Freak Puke this year under the moniker Melvins Lite on June 5th via Ipicac. Check out for that.

Power Trip's self titled EP which contains two original songs and a Prong cover is out now on Lockin' Out Records. If you heard the Demo and Armageddon Tapes, you know what to expect- a hard pummeling drive. Power Trip throws crossover thrash with hardcore elements and packs a punch. The EP is offered as free download by the band on their facebook page.

Mutilation Rites are on a roll and it doesn't look like they are going to stop anytime soon. This time Mutilation Rites are going to unearth a full length LP entitled Empyrian which will come out May 22 on Prosthetic Records and Gilead Media. For the recently released EP I Am Legion, visit here.

Check out the cover arts for the upcoming Candlemass' Psalms For The Dead and Ahab's The Giant below with Noothgrush's full live performance (courtesy of Kill That Cat) on March 4th in Oakland.

Candlemass- Psalms For The Dead

Ahab- The Giant

Melvins- The War On Wisdom

Noothgrush- Full Set (March 4,2012)

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