Monday, March 12, 2012

listen to a new Diocletian track after two years

I've been hit by a series of migraine attacks in the vein of over 100 deg.; three Tylenols with in the span of one hour but still no sign of improvement but how can I restrain myself from scavenging a little(!). Blastbeat Productions are arranging a Monomaniac Compilation Series of EPs which will contain a selection of International extreme acts with packaging done by Viral Graphics. For the occassion, they released a Diocletion track which will feature in Volume #1 that supposedly marks the band's first official new material since two years when the monster War Of All Against All hit with some force; Diocletion (or Witchrist) might be the second best thing that came out of New Zealand after Ulcerate. These series of 7'' EPs will contain approximately only one minute of contribution from all the artists. For the initial list of artists with likes of Necromantia, Conan, Mutant Supremacy, Ravencult along with those who will be mostly featured in Vol. #1 and Vol. #2, see here.

Listen to Diocletian's Traitor's Gallow here or here.

Diocletian has been recently confirmed for a live show on 25th May at Provitreff in Zurich with support from Nuclear Magick, Bolzer and Funeralopolis. For more info, contact congregrationsofruin (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Major thanks to Chris over Severed Heads Open Minds for not liking the puke green!

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