Saturday, March 31, 2012

ZOM Playlist

Think a malevolent creature named ZOM characterized by malice is rising from the deepest blackened cavity underneath coursing its way through adamantine objects in a swamp. Its coming. All the other varmints now bending on their knees praying that it never sees the day of light. They surely can't stop with their worthless prayers as it is blessed by the most darkened soul. What do they do now? Nothing. It's on its way devouring yet hungry. The unbearable caterwuling shattering the mother earth piece by piece. ZOM has arrived and within a blink of an eye, everything is destroyed.

Now ZOM discharges a playlist which wrecks everything in its wake. Listen below, hear what ZOM has to say about the tracks and catch the band today at Dublin Day Of Death with Necros Christos, Cruciamentum and more. For more information, visit here or here.

Vomitor - Midnight fuking chaos!!

Syphilitic Vaginas - Black Sorcery

Wrathprayer - The Darkest Fyre...claustrophobic, raw and punishing!!

Sodom - After the Deluge...classic Metal of Death!!

Despise You - I End Me...unforgiving, spiteful hate!!

Repugnant - Premature Burial...Swedish masters!!

Anti-Cimex - Cries of Pain

Occultation - Somber Dawn...just released a new album, Three and Seven. Can't recommend this band enough. Twisted meandering riffs combined with haunting female vocals and a black mass atmosphere

Necrophagia - Burning Moon Sickness...killer buzzsaw guitars, absolute filth!!

Blasphemy - Ritual

Evil Spirit - L'Inferno (Sempiternal Punishment) band from Berlin. Think early Melvins meets Black Sabbath meets Autopsy with some of the most original vocals I have heard in a long, long time. Killer demo!!

Possessed - Burning in Hell...Heavy Death!!

Siege - Drop Dead

Motley Crue - Livewire...because fukk you, that's why!!

Cro-Mags - We Gotta Know

Excoriate - On Pestilent Winds...unrelenting Death Metal

P.S. I've to sort out some matters in the next few days. Hopefully see you all on Monday!

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  1. Killer band and an equally killer playlist