Thursday, March 29, 2012

a discussion about Inquisition and the future

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Some weeks ago when I first came across the news that Inquisition signed a deal with Season Of Mist, I thought, "Ok, let's wait for the next full length and have some opinion then." But deep down inside I'm still worried about Inquisition because Inquisition is one of those bands which I respect not only because they genuinely act like what they try to represent but also the sheer musicianship that Dagon and Incubus put forward. After fifteen years from their inception into the industry, talking about talent is a worthless proposition; it's all about what they bring into the table now or what they have more to offer precisely. 

Many so called Black metal elitists or Inquisition elitists in particular may disagree with me about the fact that Inquisition's best album to date is Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult. And there are several reasons tied regarding this opinion. There is no doubt that Dagon is one helluva musician and Incubus drumming has given a new dimension to black metal sound but certain musicians born to provide extremely limited quality and at the same time enjoyable elements; after that they are done, get what I mean? Look no further than Ulver- BergtattKveldssanger and Nattens Madrigal- then they packed up and moved forward. It's not that Garm and co. suddenly became incapable of putting forward another album like aforementioned ones but certain aspects need to be understood. They had already given what they could regarding that scenario and bringing out another album like those would mean nothing musically. If you look closer to Inquisition's discography, rest aside the earlier thrash days, considering all the albums after Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult, each one basically revolves around this album- the riffs, the vocals and overall composition. I'm not saying that later albums are not enjoyable at all; definitely they are- Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm was among the best from last year.

For those who undergo hard time digesting Inquisition's sound, frog- croaked vocals are for giving surreal and unearthly experience. If Dagon used the regular black/death vocals, it would take away the actual purpose that Inquisition originally intents which is to provide trance- like feeling. Listening to Inquistion is like a ritual taking place beside a calm sea under an obscured moon where women are sacrificed and blood's being sipped by devil hearted souls. I remember watching the movie Inquisicion (directed by Paul Naschy) to connect more with Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult as the samples in the album were taken from the movie. The scenes were more than horrifying and the characters were sick in every way imaginable; no surprise that Dagon picked up the samples from this movie. As far as the name Inquisition is concerned, it may or may not be a direct influence from the movie. The production was raw for Ancient Cult which gradually became somewhat cleaner in the later albums. So you see too many factors circle around Ancient Cult for which I'm claiming it as the best Inquisition album and a cult classic too.

All these being said, what I'm suggesting? Is it time for Inquisition to quit? Don't get me wrong here. No. As I already stated, I'm worried about Inquisition's progress more than anything. We all know how great of a musician Dagon is, how incredible the live ritual is but bringing out another Inquisition album is where the danger lies. It may be as good as Omnious Doctrines or even Ancient Cult but if it's equivalent or semi equivalent then what's the purpose of a new album; one can always listen to the previous ones. Can Dagon put out a greater effort? Time will answer surely.

So, what do you guys think? Which is the best Inquisition album? Are you concerned about the future of Inquisition? Would you like to see a new album?

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  1. You seem to have a defeatist attitude. I went to an AC/DC concert last year,probably one of the best shows I've seen. I never saw them in their hay day and I'm very glad they didn't break up when Bon Scott died. They still write good music even though "For Those..." is my favorite. Get my point?
    Inquistion's albums have only gotten better since Infernal Regions, the band is still quite unknown in the music world and this is due to the underground keeping them small and people like you wanting them all for themselves. They've only just begun judging by their latest album and these guys deserve to be a huge and successful band and get far away from the UG defeatist crowd that praise them and then shit on them at the same time. Even if they ever put out a less than desirable album it would be ten times better than 99% of the shit that massively sells in the BM world. Come on mate, they've only put out 5 releases in 15 years. Let's not be stupid here,just enjoy the band and be glad theyre still around. I've not yet had the pleasure to see Inquisition live because not many bands of any kind come to New Zealand but what do you know, they'll be here in June. There's a big world out there my friend and these guys deserve to be part of it

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    I'm not going to defend or judge anything based upon what I wrote which would be too stupid but let me just clarify a bit.

    If you look closer to the last para where I stated "Don't get me wrong..." Obviously it's my fault that I couldn't get you the message properly which is I'm greatly concerned about the next Inquisition record and that's it. I'm sure you also have to agree about the composition factor for the later albums all based on Ancient Cult and also justified a bit why it's their best; I agree with you about the fact that if they put a less desirable album that would be much better than what we get to see these days but if it happens then as far as Inquisition and their loyal fans concerned, that's a failure- not to the new fans who recognized them through Omnious Doctrines but to the old fans for sure. I suggest you read the last para one more time- the message will be clear I hope. I had the opportunity to watch them live once in Berlin and that experience got nailed in my mind forever; from that moment on I crave for watching them more in live settings. I wish them all the success all time; I don't know what made you say Defeatist.


    1. Your whole last paragraph is the epitome of a defeatist attitude. I think you worry to much
      Favorite album: Ominous with Invoking a close 2nd(Infernal my least favorite)
      Concerned about next album: Not at all,they have a very good track record
      Would I like to see another album: I'd like to see ten more,I'm positive they have many more classics to come.

    2. Fair enough-
      Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion